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Custom medical supplies, when you need them the most

Our Continued Mission


The P+P Mission is and will always be to aid in comfort, safety, and independence of its customers while also staying affordable for any budget. Whether your needs are for commercial, private health, or individual use, P+P's products like the PICC Line Protector help people in need become more comfortable and safer while dealing with unfortunate circumstances caused by illness, accident or surgery. Absolute customer satisfaction and unlimited personal attention to each one of our clients is the backbone of our lasting and proven business model.​


About Us

The Four Focal Points of P+P

  • Customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unique product selection 
  • Fast delivery


Providing custom medical supplies for those who need them the most was an idea conceptualized in a hospital bed by someone living the pain and aggravation caused by injury and illness. Trying to lead a normal life but not being able to keep your arm clean or dry can make an already trying time, even more difficult. P+P Custom Medical Supplies realized this and decided to solve this common problem. Now people have a safe, dependable and affordable option while recovering or dealing with the involvements of their accident or illness.

Meet Our Executive Team

Robert Pavuchak
Robert is a stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma survivor. A form of cancer that only effects 300 males per year in the United States.

“During my recovery, I decided I wanted to make a difference and help others. Before I knew it, I was sketching designs of items I thought would help others based on my struggles. With the help of a close friend P+P Custom Medical Supplies Inc. was born! Our product line helped me and continues to help others all around the world!”
The P+P Team
The P+P Team is a dedicated group focused on providing great and affordable products to their customers. Pav had a dream to help others with the everyday things he struggled with and the P+P Team is focused on helping that dream live on.
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