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picc line cover protector for elbow when showeringElbow / Knee
Shower Soc
25 pack

picc line cover protector for elbow when showeringElbow / Knee
Shower Soc
7 Pack

picc line cover protector cloth

PICC Soc - 3/pack

cast cover protector for ankle foot leg when showering,bathing guard

Foot Shower Soc - 4/pack

Can cover entire leg!

cast hand arm cover protector when showering,bathing guardHand Shower Soc - 7/pack

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Cast Protection, Infection Control and PICC Line Care

The Shower SOC is a line of products that serve as water guards for PICC Lines, Casts and Bandages. The Shower SOC has tight secure seals to prevent water leaks when Showering! It is a disposable product to help our clients prevent further complications with a possible infection. It is much less expensive than other multiple use products and easier to use.

One of the most important aspects of PICC line care and maintenance in the home care arena is infection control. If a patient and/or their designated caregiver(s) are not properly educated in the basics of infection control, a PICC line can rapidly become a source of major complications. As reported in Emerging Infectious Diseases, there are approximately 1.2 million infections annually in U.S. home care patients. The main risk factor is the "presence of a medical device."

Anyone who has worn a cast or a PICC line knows the hassle of showering. Our disposable waterproof, water guard cast covers and water guard waterproof PICC line protectors give you the freedom of disposable protection for your cast, IV, PICC line, or dialysis catheter.

  • Providing independence and convenience for chemotherapy patients and those with broken arms or legs.
  • Our waterproof cast and PICC line protectors are simple and disposable.
  • Two seal tight elastic bands create a latex-free barrier around your cast or PICC line.
  • PICC line & IV tubular bandage covers come in different sizes for arms and legs.
  • Our waterproof PICC line sleeves protect PICC line entry points effectively and gently. Long term IV lines and dialysis catheters can easily use our PICC line covers.

Our cast protectors and PICC line covers allow you to continue with your daily routine with minimal interruption and inconvenience. Why let your medical situation get in the way of your life?


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