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Self administer medical device - The Disposable Shower SOC Line for Cast Protection, Infection Control and PICC Line Care. The Shower SOC is a line of products that serve as water guards for PICC Lines, Casts and Bandages.


The Shower SOC has tight secure seals to prevent water leaks when Showering! It is a disposable product to help our clients prevent further complications with a possible infection. It is much less expensive than other multiple use products and easier to use.


One of the most important aspects of PICC line care and maintenance in the home care arena is infection control. If a patient and/or their designated caregiver(s) are not properly educated in the basics of infection control, a PICC line can rapidly become a source of major complications.


As reported in the Emerging Infectious Diseases publication, there are approximately 1.2 million infections annually in U.S. home care patients. The main risk factor is the "presence of a medical device." Anyone who has worn a cast or a PICC line knows the hassle of showering. Our disposable waterproof, water guard cast covers and water guard waterproof PICC line protectors give you the freedom of disposable protection for your cast, IV, PICC line, or dialysis catheter. Providing independence and convenience for chemotherapy patients and those with broken arms or legs.


Our waterproof cast and PICC line protectors are simple and disposable. Two seal tight elastic bands create a latex-free barrier around your cast or PICC line. Our PICC line & IV tubular bandage covers come in different sizes for arms and legs. Our waterproof PICC line sleeves protect PICC line entry points effectively and gently. Long term IV lines and dialysis catheters patients can easily use our PICC line covers. Our cast protectors and PICC line covers allow you to continue with your daily routine with minimal interruption and inconvenience. Why let your medical situation get in the way of your life?

Our Product Testimonials

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about our PICC Line + Cast Covers and Protectors:


Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. This is such a relief. My mother had her PICC line put in yesterday while in the hospital after a particularly challenging bout of double chemo. The chemo left her unable to stand up without dizziness.

She is not a good candidate for a port, but her veins are shot. So the PICC line is essential and already proving to be a tremendous help.
She should be discharged from the hospital this weekend and we were worried about how she would shower at home. We were thrilled to find your product, but worried about what to do before it comes.

Thank you so much for such incredible customer care. I will pass this email onto her when I visit in the morning.
Thank you,
- Paula, a grateful customer
  • I had CTS surgery on right wrist and this worked wonderfully to keep my lower arm, wrist & hand dry so I could take showers. I am having surgery on my left wrist and elbow soon and plan to use this product again for that. 
  • - Andy

  • I have a picc line and have been using disposable shower soc after a week of fooling around with saran wrap! What a life saver! Love them!! 
  • - Albert

  • Dear P+P, The Product - the hand/arm Shower SOC - by the way worked very well and it allowed me to see patients in a safe manner. I have given this feedback to the hospital administration. Perhaps this will allow other patients and members of the hospital staff to work despite an injury.
    Thank You,
    Dr. K Link

  • The Disposable Shower SOC: When the surgeon put in my PICC line, I was told to keep the input dry, but got no good guidance as to how to do this. I shopped around at the medical supply stores and Walgreen's, ending up with 2 different full arm sleeves with a membrane with a hole at the bicep end. The one I chose to use seemed more durable, but it was a task to get it on and awkward to use. I thought there had to be a better way, so went Googling. There I found your disposable shower SOC and ordered a pack, hoping this would work much better - and it did! It is a very simple, but effective design. It is a loose plastic sleeve with what looks like a rubber band sealed in at each end. I don't have large arms, so ordered the small 12" SOC. While a tiny bit of water got in in the shower (I have hairy arms), since the PICC input is on the top side of my bicep, it never came close to getting wet. This simple product was a whole lot more user friendly than the long arm sleeves and very reasonably priced. It also allowed me to wash both forearms and handle washing the rest of my body as I normally would be able to do. I have just order 3 more packs to fully cover my 21-day IV stint.  
    - Richard

  • My husband and I love the protective cover. It  works well when he is showering. He has used the covers a few times since getting the picc line, and no problems with water whatsoever. We will definitely be ordering more as he needs them. Thanks for a great product.
    - Carla

  • I recently fractured my right wrist. My orthopedic surgeon put a hard cast on my right arm from the middle of my hand almost to my elbow. It will be on from three to six weeks.   The obvious dilemma is how to shower and not get the cast wet, without wrapping it in messy saran wrap and tape. I acquired several packs of the disposable Shower Soc from P&P Custom Medical Supplies Inc.  The packs are marked "Small Adult" "Hand"., with seven (7) pieces per Pack. I have been using the Shower Soc for over two weeks now. The Shower Soc works great. It is 30" long and has a sealed end of &7 and 1/2 inches. The open end has an elastic band compressing it to 3 inches, expanding to 7 !/2 inches ,which seals over your upper arm muscle. It is very simple to use, just stick your hand/cast into the open end down to the sealed end, pull it up onto your muscle, and step into the shower.  There is plenty of room for your hand to move inside the Soc , grab the soap, lather a washcloth, apply shampoo and wash your hair, which I do daily.The Shower Soc works wonderfully, keeping the cast dry and enabling you to function.  I recommend it very highly. And my next trip to the Orthopedic Surgeon will show them to him, as he is very interested in the Shower Soc. Get some if you are in a hand, arm, or leg or foot cast.
    - Bob

  • This is my second order from P + P. The products (PICC Soc, Foot Shower Soc, and Elbow Shower Soc) are all great. The PICC soc works so much better than the thin, cheap socs that come in the wound dressing packages. The Elbow Shower Soc and the Foot Shower Soc both do an admirable job: my wife is in Stage One of a total knee revision and needs to cover her PICC line and a knee immobilizer when she showers. We had used a *good* foot shower soc from another company but the huge rubber top proved almost impossible to get over her immobilizer. P+P's shower socs are marketed as disposable but with a little care you can use them repeatedly. The  main thing is that they are EASY to use; something that is very important when you or your loved one already has discomfort moving a limb.  Finally, and the main reason I'm taking the time to write, is that on my initial order I made a mistake ordering late at night in my wife's hospital room. Early the next day I got a call from the P+P representative who not only reversed my credit card without being asked, but also corrected the order and had it to me in a couple of days!
    - Tammy

  • Outstanding customer service is such a big plus in this day and age of indifference.
    Thanks Again,
    - Joel

  • I received the sleeves yesterday and took a nice hot shower, the Saran Wrap wasn't doing it.
    - Theresa

  • I recently had right thumb surgery and was in a  cast for a month. Luckily, I knew about the shower soc ahead of time and had a supply on hand. From the first day after surgery I was able to take a shower without any assistance. No tape or newspaper bag or bread bags! I slipped the shower soc on and off myself with no problem even though I did not have use of my right hand.My cast was kept dry. I highly recommend the Shower Soc.  
    - Betty

  • I looked all over the web for a device to help my Dad who is battling cancer. I came across The P+P site and they have the best and least expensive products available. My Dad has really enjoyed not having to have people help him when showering.
    - Richard


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