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Before purchasing, Please measure circumference of area needing covered !!! If you like our product TELL OTHERS who are in need of the Shower SOC for PICC Lines or casts!!

picc line cover protector for elbow when showeringElbow / Knee
Shower Soc
7 Pack

picc line cover protector for elbow when showeringElbow / Knee
Shower Soc
25 pack

picc line cover protector cloth

PICC Soc - 3/pack

cast cover protector for ankle foot leg when showering,bathing guard

Foot Shower Soc - 4/pack

Can cover entire leg!

cast hand arm cover protector when showering,bathing guardHand Shower Soc - 7/pack

May 19 - Our Shower SOC's are now available in Canada, if you know anyone north of the border that could use them, let them know they are available on Amazon.ca

April 24 - More Testimonials -

Couldn't believe how quickly these were delivered! Just what I needed. Not heavy or bulky. Easy to put on and get off. Maureen, Forty Fort, PA

These Socks are WONDERFUL!! They make showering so much easier with my Picc line. Jennisty, Littleton, CO

"great product, fast shipping, super product! this is a repeat order" Patricia, Dana Point, CA

Happy Easter and good health to all!! Be well and give back, make it a year of  random acts of kindness!!

April 1 - Best prices for our Shower SOC's are on this site!

March 21 -  Shower SOC's are now available on Etsy, a new shopping site for unique products. Search - picc line cover

March 19 - The Shower SOC has expanded it's Orthopedic line to cover Hand and Leg Casts and may add a new product - a Xtra Large Leg,Foot,Ankle Shower SOC. These would be for people with large legs and casts that cover them to protect them in the shower.

Happy St Patrick's Day weekend and Day

March 10 - Santa Cruz Deli and Creamery, owned by P+P founder Bob Pavuchak, to hold charity fundraiser to benefit Kids with Cancer in Boston!! More to come..........

March 8 - Looking for orthopedic partners to promote our Shower SOC line. If you have an Orthopedic practice, we should talk about becoming channel partners!!

March 6 - P+P Custom Medical to supply all local UPMC Cancer Centers with Free Sudoku puzzles in patient waiting rooms!!

March 3 - For those of you that know people in Europe and Canada, we have our FULL line of Disposable Shower SOC products available through Amazon.ca and Amazom.uk. FAST delivery from their distribution centers! Be Well!

Feb 27 - Check out our new Twitter feed on our home page everyday with up[dates about Oncology and Orthopedic news. @showersoc

Feb 23 - NEW Testimony - "Definitely worth it! Makes showering SOOOO much easier! Life is tough enough when you are ill - this product makes it just a little easier. Have had picc line for 4 weeks so far...wrapped in saran wrap for a while, which was a huge pain and far less trustworthy. I am a small woman - 5'5", 105 lbs - size small elbow protector is tight enough for me without using rubber bands or tape at the ends. I don't put arm directly in shower stream, but I am also overcautious. Just ordered my second pack." Jenna P

Feb 19 - The Shower SOC is one of the few DISPOSABLE products on the market that covers PICC lines and Casts. Many others have multiple use products that can cause infection because they were not dried completely. Don't get an infection, use the SHOWER SOC!

Feb 16 - Hope everyone had a healthy and happy Valentines Day weekend.

Feb 10 - The Shower SOC line will now be available in Canada using Amazon.ca. We will start with our PICC line covers and then promote our Cast covers. Exciting times!

Feb 7- P+P has expanded into more of the European market. We can now sell to those in need in Germany, Spain, France and Italy. People in those countries would be best to buy off of our Amazon.UK product listings. If you know anyone abroad let them know P+P can help them!

Feb 4 - Healthcare Acquired Infection News - HAIs are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. At any given time, about 1 in every 25 inpatients has an infection related to hospital care. These infections cost the U.S. health care system billions of dollars each year and lead to the loss of tens of thousands of lives. In addition, HAIs can have devastating emotional, financial and medical consequences.

Feb 3 - Our response to ANOTHER Great Testimony!!

Your Response: Donna - Thank You for your comments. When we started this company, that is the EXACT response we were looking for. Thank you. You can help others, pass it on..........

Feb 1 - What a GREAT alternative to trying to use stick Cling Wrap and tape closure at top and bottom in order to protect my husband's PICC line when he showers. No more pulling of his arm hair, no more frustration for me. Easy for him to remove himself, and no water drips all over the floor. - Donna, Cleveland

Jan 29 -  The SHOWER SOC is a disposable PICC Line and CAST cover, unlike products such as Curad, Brown Med, Dry Pro, Aqua Shield and Duro Med which are multiple use products. Being disposable allows The Shower SOC to be the most effective infection protective covering on the market. DON'T risk the chance of infection with your PICC or Cast, always use the Shower SOC!!

Jan 26 - Snow storm in the east, remember your friends, help where you can.

Jan 23- Forget the nay sayers, this product performs just as the manufacturer describes it. Water proof seal above and below the PICC. Can be re-used several times with care. Cheap enough to discard after each use. Should be standard use in every hospital and skilled nursing facility. Alex B, CA

Jan 19, 2015 - Try our Seal Tight, Water guard products called Shower SOC's for your PICC Line, Cast or any bandage that needs kept dry when showering.  Check out our testimonies!!

Jan 11, 2015 - Testimony - I've been wrapping my arm with saran wrap first just to be safe, but so far no need to. I received this a week ago and have been using the same bag as the first night and staying dry. Beth, NJ

Jan 5 - One in five physicians was unaware a hospitalized patient had a central venous catheter, which is commonly used for laboratory monitoring or to administer life-saving treatments such as IV delivery of antibiotics, nutrition and other medications. Surprisingly, attending physicians were least likely to know of the device’s presence, followed by interns and residents, according to the new research led by the University of Michigan and VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. The findings appear in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Jan 1, 2015 - P+P Joins Association for Vascular Access ( AVA), plan to attend the Sept 26-29 conference in Dallas, TX!!

Dec 18, 2014 - We are so thankful to all those people we have helped with our product, the word of mouth has been awesome!! We expect 2015 to be an even better year, be well!!

Dec 7 - It's testimonials like this that make all the time spent developing the Shower SOC worthwhile- "Shipped the same day I ordered, and the product works GREAT!! I have mentioned it to everyone at the clinic I go too!  Jk Dec 2014

Dec 5, 2014 -  The future of PICC line placements will increase in the coming years because of an aging population, let our products help you today take an easier shower tomorrow!!

Amazon UK Update - P+P will be selling our entire Shower SOC line in Europe through Amazon UK. If you know someone in Europe that has a need we can help with, let them know about Amazon UK.

Nov 28 - Black Friday, lets just call it the day after Thanksgiving!! IF you have your health be thankful, IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE who doesn't have their health...........ie - has a PICC Line or has a cast, Buy them a gift that they will thank you for many times over. The Shower SOC!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, Count your blessings and be thankful for those around you. Do something nice for someone else today, random acts of kindness are the best way to show your love to others this holiday season.

November 25, 2014 - Announcement for AMAZON.UK - P+P will be selling all of our Shower SOC product line in Europe by the end of the year!!

October 2014 - We wish for a cure for all forms of cancer but in October the focus is Breast Cancer. Think Pink.

June 12 - P+P gets first major media TV time. WTAE in Pittsburgh, PA ran a full segment on the invention of the PICC SOC and the Shower SOC, two brands of the company.

June 9 - SHARK TANK UPDATE - Well we have made it to the second round. We have made a video and filled out paperwork and await a call to be flown out to LA for a appearance in front of the sharks!! As always, Pray and wish us luck.

May 28 - P+P went on an audition for Shark Tank in Columbus, OH. We are now in the second phase of getting on the show, WISH US LUCK, and a few prayers would help also!!

March 26, 2014 -One in 25 are infected in US hospitals


Feb 27 - With this endless winter, slips and falls happen. If you have broken a arm or leg, try our Shower SOC Products to cover the cast and keep it dry when taking a shower.

Feb 14 - Buy someone you love a Shower SOC Today!! Give the gift of comfort and convenience to someone in need. #castcover #picclinecover #waterproof #easyshower

Feb 2- 2014 - Did you know that The Disposable Shower SOC line has products for CASTS!!! Yes Cast covers for FULL and PARTIAL Arm and Legs. Be in and out of the shower quickly with our easy to use products!! TRY ONE TODAY!! Cast protection and coverage.

Jan 24 - Testimony -  This is as advertised, it came on time and that was the big help to me, I needed an easy way to keep my picc lines dry. I was using plastic bags, and tape and it was a hassle. The showerSOC is easy and works! 

Jan 23 - Testimony - Wonderful and simple to use product. I was told by nurses to try plastic wrap and after throwing away the first 18 inche piece in a wad I put on one piece that bunched up and then used 2 more pieces to cover my pic line. The I was told to try press-n-seal and it worked better until the sticky side stuck to my clothe sleeve cover. These shower covers are GREAT. I reused one for about 10 days.

December 24, 2014 - Merry Chistmas, Happy Holiday's and a Joyous and healthy New Year To ALL!!

TUESDAY, Sept. 3, 2013 (HealthDay News) -- The five most common infections that patients get AFTER they've been admitted to the hospital cost the U.S. health care system almost $10 billion a year, a new study shows.

" The Shower SOC should be made available to hospitals nationwide to help combat this problem with regards to PICC lines " Bob Pavuchak, President, P+P Custom Medical Supplies Inc

November 2013 - Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season 

October 2013 - The Disposable Shower SOC for Elbows are a great PICC Line Care device. HAI is a ever growing problem with todays healthcare that PICC Line Care is a problem that needs a solution, The Shower SOC is that solution!!!

June 2013 - 25 PACKS of our Elbow/Knee Shower SOC are your BEST value to cover elbow PICC LINE placements or recent KNEE surgery.

May 2013 - SEND US A VIDEO of you using one of our products and we will put it on our YOUTUBE page so others can see how effective and EASY our products are to use!! SEE you soon!!!

January 2013 - P+P Introduces the new 25/pack Elbow/Knee Shower SOC. Great for Hospitals and Home care settings!!

April 2012 - P+P Custom Medical product - The Shower SOC - is now being used in the 4th largest hospital group in USA - The $8 billion UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA!!



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Cast Protection and PICC Line Care - Infection Control & Protection

The Shower SOC is a line of products that serve as water guards for PICC Lines, Casts and Bandages. The Shower SOC has tight secure seals to prevent water leaks when Showering! It is a disposable product to help our clients prevent further complications with a possible infection. It is much less expensive than other multiple use products and easier to use.

One of the most important aspects of PICC line care and maintenance in the home care arena is infection control. If a patient and/or their designated caregiver(s) are not properly educated in the basics of infection control, a PICC line can rapidly become a source of major complications. As reported in Emerging Infectious Diseases, there are approximately 1.2 million infections annually in U.S. home care patients. The main risk factor is the "presence of a medical device."

Anyone who has worn a cast or a PICC line knows the hassle of showering. Our disposable waterproof, water guard cast covers and water guard waterproof PICC line protectors give you the freedom of disposable protection for your cast, IV, PICC line, or dialysis catheter.

  • P+P Custom Medical Supplies is proud to provide independence and convenience for chemotherapy patients and those with broken arms or legs. The product line is a water guard called Shower SOC's!!!
  • Our waterproof cast and PICC line protectors are simple and disposable.
  • Two seal tight elastic bands create a latex-free barrier around your cast or PICC line. PICC line & IV tubular bandage covers come in different sizes so arm casts and leg casts can both be covered. Our waterproof PICC line sleeves protect PICC line entry points  effectively and gently.
  • Those with long term IV lines and dialysis catheters can easily use our PICC line covers as well.
  • Our cast protectors and PICC line covers allow you to continue with your daily routine with minimal interruption and inconvenience. Why let your medical situation get in the way of your life?

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