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PICC Line Protector,Cast Cover and Shower Soc Products

Disposable Elbow/Knee Shower SOC 


Lightweight plastic cover with two elastic ends that seal tight and prevent water from entering the sleeve. Can also be used for Knees. This product is ideal to cover PICC lines and surgically repaired knees.

Disposable Arm/Hand Shower SOC 


Lightweight Plastic Sleeve with one elastic end that seals tight and prevents water from entering the sleeve. This product is ideal to cover arm/hand casts.

Disposable Leg/Ankle Shower SOC 


Lightweight water guard and plastic sleeve. Perfect for covering part of the leg or the entire limb. The Shower SOC seals tight and is designed to prevent water from entering the site being protected. This product is ideal to cover surgically repaired knees and ankle/leg casts.

Disposable Elbow/Knee PICC SOC 


Tubular elastic cotton light compression cover. Daily PICC Line Protection for elbows. *Holds PICC in place. Often paired with the disposable Elbow/Knee Shower SOC. This product is ideal to hold and cover PICC lines and to protect surgically repaired knees.

Our Continued Mission


The P+P Mission is and will always be to aid in comfort, safety, and independence of its customers while also staying affordable for any budget. Whether your needs are for commercial, private health, or individual use, P+P's products like the PICC Line Protector help people in need become more comfortable and safer while dealing with unfortunate circumstances caused by illness, accident or surgery. Absolute customer satisfaction and unlimited personal attention to each one of our clients is the backbone of our lasting and proven business model.​


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